What is Balayage hair coloring technique?

What is Balayage?

Balayage is one of the most popular hair color requests in my salon today. And it’s easy to see why! This free-hand coloring technique creates a natural-looking hair color from the mid-length down to your ends. Each color is completely custom, so every woman has her own look. And for you moms out there, the subtle coloring and ‘sun-kissed’ look is less noticeable as it grows out.

About the Balayage Technique

Balayage means ‘sweeping’ in French. When using this coloring technique, your hairstylist will ‘sweep’ highlights free hand to lighten the hair. The result?  A soft and natural gradation of hair color with the lightness increasing towards the ends.   

You can have the look of an endless summer with perfect highlights all year round. This natural-looking highlighting technique is used on all shades of hair to add a soft, sun-kissed dimension to your hair color. The more subtle look of balayage also means less noticeable regrowth so you can space out your salon visits a little bit. I always recommend coming to the salon at least every four months to keep your balayage color looking fresh. 




Balayage or Ombre? 

Balayage is a blended hair color technique. Unlike some foil color what can leave lines or blocks of color, the free-hand flow and subtle graduation between shades are what balayage is known forTo create the seamless highlights the color will work from the mid-length down.  

While balayage is free-flowing, ombre is a more defined contrast between the roots and tips. Usually, the color starts about mid-way down your hairIt’s certainly more of a style than balayage since ombre color is more noticeable. 

Trust me, both are great looks it just depends on your desired color result.  

Why I Love Balayage? 

What sets balayage apart from traditional highlights is no foil is used; I essentially paint your hair freestyle. For dark-haired girls, we are able to achieve a balayage look using foiliage 

The main reason I love balayage is that it’s not a one size fits all technique. I can place the hair color to highlight your best features, so you leave the salon feeling stunning! With this hair coloring technique, you can avoid stark contrast and blend the lighter color in for a more natural look. Plus, this looks great on basically every hair length. 

If you’re looking to add more bright blonde tones, you may want to lean more toward balayage than an ombre look. Unless you really want your color to stand out. Don’t worry, we’ll talk about your hair goals before we color! 

Book a Balayage Appointment 

Shiny, natural, and ‘sun-kissed’ looking hair is always popular. We all want to look like we woke up like this! Well it’s a new year and it’s time for a new hairstyle; my salon can help you achieve Insta-worthy hair!  

When it comes to balayage, the beauty it’s not one-size-fits-all. We can use color to suit the look you want. Call today or book your appointment at Jill McCormack Salon in Finksburg, MD for balayage service.