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Tips to Go Blonde

Let’s be real: Blonde hair is always on trend. It’s a long-coveted hue that has been coupled with having fun and being beautiful and alluring for years.

Wondering if blonde locks are for you? Well, chances are if you had blonde hair as a child, you’re in! You can still sport lighter tresses even if you’ve always had darker hair. Have no fear, there’s a hue of blonde for every skin tone. While your new shade may be a bit costly to maintain, having blonde hair can really revamp your appearance.

Ready to Color Your Hair Blonde?

Dark Hair? Be patient

Do not rush the process if you are a brunette going blonde. Your locks can only be lightened so much at once without risking frizz or damage. Hurrying the process will also give you a rust or brassy color instead of blonde. To lessen the risk of breakage, I recommend you space out your sessions to get it to your desired shade.

Going blonde is an investment and you should protect it with quality products. Book a consult online with Finksburg’s best color specialist for help with going blonde!

Be Sure you can Commit

Going blonde (especially platinum) can be very time consuming. Regular touch-ups and proper products to keep it looking good and natural will be part of the job. All-over coloring will need to be touched up every four to eight weeks due to root growth. Highlights, on the other hand, can last up to two or three months. Consider just adding blonde highlights around your face or going ombre if you are too busy to make regular visits to the salon.

Remember if you’re craving perfect blonde hair, you must consider:

  • how often you plan to get it touched up,
  • buying the right products,
  • helping keep the integrity of the hair (I recommend using olaplex).

How Blonde is too Blonde?

When going blonde the contrast between your face and hair is important. The biggest going blonde mistake you can make is to go too light If you have fair skin, which can make you appear washed out. A little trick around this is too be sure your hair is cool hues instead of warm. A bit of contrast in the hair color and skin tone will make your face pop.

Are you Ready to Change Your Hair Color?

It’s been said that blondes have more fun. Well, pull the trigger on going blonde and put that to the test. The only thing left is to figure out which shade of blonde best suits your skin tone.

Before we jump to the dye, you’ll get a full color consultation. In the meantime, you can check out the virtual hairstyle at choose from a great variety of blonde hues and hairstyles. You can try looks with your photo to help you decide about going blonde. Don’t forget to bring these and any other hair inspiration photos you have to the salon so we can help you get the exact look you’re after.

When you’re ready to transform your usual red or brown to butter or platinum blonde, book an appointment at my top-rated color salon in Finksburg – Jill McCormack Hair. Call the salon today: 443-745-3503.