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Grey Coverage and Blending

Most everyone has a memory of their mom or aunt declaring that their ‘first grey hair has got to go’. There may have even been a sprint to the tweezers. As we get older or experience more stress, the grey is going to naturally come in. And luckily, times they are changing and that once undesirable shade of grey has […]

Tips for Shiny Hair

While the real source of beautiful shiny locks comes from a healthy diet and the products you use,  the ways that you care for your hair have a big role too! Try out a few of these tips and get your (hair) shine on!     Use A Clarifying Shampoo    While over–shampooing your hair can […]

Haircut in the Spotlight: Bobs

The weather will soon be heating up and so are the hairstyles! The classic bob is back and it’s better than ever!  You’ll see the bob cut looking tres chic on the red-carpet during award season, but it’s not just a look for celebrities.  Whether you want a subtle or drastic hair makeover, I’m sharing why bobs are a must-see style for 2020!    20s Style  The bob was […]

Do Sulfate-Free Hair Products Make a Difference?

Sulfates. They sure get a bad rap in some circles in the hair industry. If you take a walk down any hair care aisle, you’ll see labels proclaiming that they are “sulfate-free,” which has to mean that they are better for your hair right? Well, conventional wisdom might say yes, but do sulfate-free products really […]

Picking the Right Cut for Your Face

Some cuts help a long face appear wider, make a round face appear longer, or a square jaw appear softer. The secret to a pleasing hairstyle is finding one that creates an illusion for the look you are seeking. With the right cut, nearly anything is possible. There will be haircuts that look best on you and a few that […]

What is Balayage?

Balayage is one of the most popular hair color requests in my salon today. And it’s easy to see why! This free-hand coloring technique creates a natural-looking hair color from the mid-length down to your ends. Each color is completely custom, so every woman has her own look. And for you moms out there, the […]