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Haircut in the Spotlight: Bobs

The weather will soon be heating up and so are the hairstyles! The classic bob is back and it’s better than ever!  You’ll see the bob cut looking tres chic on the red-carpet during award season, but it’s not just a look for celebrities.  Whether you want a subtle or drastic hair makeover, I’m sharing why bobs are a must-see style for 2020! 


20s Style 

The bob was literally the best-known short haircut style in the 1920s. Did you know it actually first started in1915 when a fashion-forward, dancer Irene Castle cut her hair into the short style as a matter of convenience? For years, it was known as the Castle bob (she was the Rachel of her day). 


First Bob Haircut Style Irene Castle

1920 or 2020; you cannot go wrong with this lower maintenance hairstyle.  Perfect for any hair type no matter your age. The bob has always been on-trend for the ‘modern-day’ woman who likes to stand out in her everyday life.  

There’s even a variety of lengths and styling choices. A longer lob is great for waves or a more standard, sleek cut will look killer with a blunt bang!  

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woman with straight bob hair cut in pink sweater

Which Bob Is Right for Me? 

I’m glad you asked! As I mentioned, there is a lot of variety with a bob. This short style can suit a lot of styles. From messy bobs with major volume to hip, longer bob and inverted angled bobs to the classic short, elegant style with bangs, here is a list of the different types of bobs  

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Things to Consider about a Bob Hair Cut



Bobs are a statement cut so you might want to revamp your makeup routine too. You don’t want your look to be too much. Minimal beauty products work well with this cut.  Avoid any hardcore contouring in favor of gentle powder blush layered beneath cream highlighter and swap out sharp cat eyes for softer eyeshadow in brown or grey. 



With shorter hair comes full display of your neck and back, so be sure to not neglect these areas with exfoliating toning and moisturizing.  If you suffer from body acne try using a gentle cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.  Call your dermatologist If you are still struggling with breakouts—you could need a prescription antibiotic. 


More Trips to the Salon 

Shorter haircuts will require more upkeep.  You will need to make more frequent salon appointments to keep the cut fresh.  Expect to get a trim every four weeks or so if you’re rocking a blunt cut.

If you feel like that is more commitment than what you want to take on, fear not, we can still find a bob that compliments your lifestyle. Like us on Facebook and check out some of the before and after pictures there. 


To Bob or not to Bob 

Let’s heat up your hairstyle in 2020Bobs are low maintenance and can add depth, volume, or bring out some elegance.  Enhance your natural locks whether they are stick straight, wound tight curls or bouncy waves.  

Whether you tote a laptop in your 5” heels or run around the house chasing your little ones, this classic hairstyle works. Can’t decide if you want a subtle or drastic hair makeover? At Jill McCormack Hair we will help you choose the best style for your look and lifestyle.  Schedule with us online or call us at 443-745-3503 to book your appointment today!