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Should I Get Balayage or Highlights?

Our Finksburg Stylist, Jill McCormack Offers Both! But Which one is right for you?

You are probably most familiar with full, partial and custom highlights. Maybe you have even gotten a little color between your highlights. However, on Pinterest and all over the internet you have likely seen a hair coloring technique called Balayage. Balayage is also known as “hair paining” which is an accurate description, because it is a rather artistic type of hair coloring. Whether traditional highlights or Balayage is right for you depends on a few things:

  • Hair Color
  • Hair Health
  • The Look You Are Going For
  • Budget

So you want a more natural look that doesn’t have those signature blonde streaks even positioned throughout your har? Then go Balayage. Traditional highlighting gives a more consistent dispersement throughout the hair, and can also achieve a big color shift. You want to be a lot blonder for summer? Go with the foils! Dark hair can be lightened several shades with highlights.

Blonde Highlights Finksburg Maryland

If you seek a less obvious, “sun swept” look or a soft ombre look, Balayage might be your best bet. Unlike traditional highlights that start at the root of the hair, Balayage generally starts further down from the hair’s mid section and through the ends. You can also achieve more “face framing” specific color with Balayage. Finally, you can generally go longer in between touch-up appointments with Balayage because it is less evenly distributed throughout the hair, whereas traditional highlights have a more obvious growth line as roots come in.

If you cannot decide between the two types, why not get both? That’s right, you can get a combination of foil highlights and Balayage! It is called  “American tailoring” and it starts with foil highlights. Balayage is then painted in between the highlights to soften and blend colors.

Finally, a great way to cover or “paint over” gray hair is with Balayage. This ensures you don’t have to color your entire head of hair while ensuring gorgeous color.

Still have a question on Balayage, full highlights or partial highlights? Contact me today, I am happy to help make a recommendation or schedule a consultation.

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