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All About Keratin Treatments

Your hair is made up of 95% Keratin. Keratin treatments coat your hair with protein that helps strengthen hair to prevent breakage, adds shine and softness, and almost completely eliminates frizz. This is one of the most popular treatments offered at the salon. Keep reading to see how the treatment works and answers to common questions I get in the chair! 

How a Keratin Treatment Works 

After the hair is thoroughly shampooed to strip away any oils and product residue, the hairstylist will apply the product and then blow-dry the hair until it is completely dry. Afterward, your professional stylist must flat iron the hair to seal the product into the hair cuticle.  

The keratin service may last anywhere between 1 – 3 hours depending on hair type, fullness, and length. It is recommended that you keep up with a keratin hair treatment 2-4 times a year as it should last about 3 – 5 months depending on how often you wash your hair. 

Ready to strengthen your hair from the outside in? Call our Finksburg hair salon today!  

Keratin Treatment FAQs 

Still on the fence? If you’re considering a keratin treatment, I’m sure you have a ton of questions! Let’s review some hair care and maintenance FAQs.  

Why Choose this Hair Treatment? 

Keratin treatments are known to strengthen your hair by adding protein to the hair cuticle. It is perfect if you have damaged hair, or are looking to keep hair as strong and healthy as possible. 

A keratin treatment is also great for those with frizzy, unruly, or curly hair who wants hassle-free hair.  

  • Strengthens hair with additional protein 
  • Promote a healthy shine and manageability 
  • Enhances softness of your hair 
  • Safe on color-treated hair 
  • Cuts down on blow-dry time 
  • Drastically reduces (if not eliminates) the need for a flat iron 

 This quick application hair treatment is also gentle on your hair and won’t cause damage. It also works on all hair types; whether you’re a curly girl or have straight hair you can try a keratin treatment!  

How Soon Can I Wash My Hair Again?  

Well, long story short, it depends on the type of Keratin used.  The strongest Keratin Treatments want you to wait a minimum of three days before getting your hair wet, let alone shampooing.  Luckily, treatments have come a long way and there are some amazing brands that let you wash as soon as 24 hours, all the while providing maximum results. I always recommend giving the keratin time to penetrate the hair follicle and really start working!  

When Should You Get a Keratin Treatment? 

There are some clear signs about when it is time for you to consider getting a keratin hair treatment. The most common reason why people get this treatment done is when they are trying to smooth their hair and fight the frizz. So, if your hair is dry or brittle, a keratin treatment will most likely help by nourishing your hair and adding smoothness and shine. If your hair is curly and you would like to tame the curls a bit, a keratin treatment might also be a good option to consider.  

Remember: if you have previously gotten a keratin hair treatment you will likely be due for another treatment whenever your hair starts to resemble your natural hair type and texture. For most, this is usually about every 3-5 months.  

As your stylist, I’ll review your unique hair texture and give you an idea of how often you should get a keratin treatment. Call or text the salon today to see if a keratin treatment will help you achieve your hair goals!  

Are Keratin Treatments Bad for Your Hair? 

Not if done by an expert. Over time, we start to lose to the natural keratin produced in our hair. Essentially, a keratin hair treatment is adding that protein back into our hair.  The end goal is to nourish your hair and while it does accomplish that very nicely, it may cause a bit of heat damage if the service provider is not an expert.   

Will it change my hair color?  

It will not change your natural or any permanent hair color. These changes happen past inside the cuticle at the cortex level. However, I always recommend waiting a couple of weeks after any demi-permanent, semi-permanent, or gloss service.  These types of color live on the cuticle, right where your Keratin is going.  Because of this, it is POSSIBLE to see a change in color. 

However, you shouldn’t color your hair immediately after getting a keratin hair treatment because the chemicals won’t fully penetrate into your hair cuticles. 

Try a Keratin Treatment 

A professional keratin treatment eliminates frizz and reduces curl while improving the overall health and condition of the hair. Get a gorgeous shine today! At Jill McCormack Hair, you will leave our Finksburg, MD salon feeling the best and loving your new look. Make sure to book now to reserve your spot for top-rated hair services!