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How-to NOT do Damage with a Blow Dryer

Here’s a haircare how-to: just like your skin the health and beauty of your hair is contingent on its moisture contentMoisture is what assists in the elasticity and nourishment of your locks. It’s good to let your hair air dry a bit then start using your dryer to finish the job.   

Is Blow Drying Bad for My Hair? 

Applying heat to your hair incorrectly can cause damage and breakage; however, a proper blow-drying technique will not harm your hair.  

The secret to safe blow-drying? It’s all in the timing and the proper use of products and tools. When you run the dryer over the same area too much, by applying more heat to your hair when it’s already dried is what can cause damage. 

Dry your hair safely, with these simple steps and accomplish stunning results just like when you leave my salon! 

Prep Your Hair like a Pro 

Remove excess moisture by pressing your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Try not to rub your hair as this will only harm the fibers of your hair and can also tangle and break it. Starting at the ends and working up to your roots, gently comb out tangles with a wide-toothed comb. 

If you want to save your hair from breakage, always use a heat protectant on your hair before you add heat with any type of styling. The protectant is best used on clean, damp hair. 

Invest in a Quality Hairdryer  

You should look for a one that has separate controls for both temperature and speed when choosing a hairdryer. The technology in ionic hair dryers will not open the hair shaft, so your hair will remain silky and smooth. These blow dryers also break down the water molecules at a faster rate minimizing the time your hair will be exposed to heat. 

To help minimize the chances of over-drying and frizz, turn the heat down as your hair gets dryer. You can also opt to use a special flow diffuser attachment to spread the heat over a wider area. For my curly girls out there, a diffuser is a must-have attachment!  

Hairdryer Techniques

Keep your blow dryer about 6 inches away from your hair. Dry the sides and back of your head first, then move towards the top and front. Begin on a high temperature with a high speed then as your hair begins to dry, steadily lower the heat.  

If you use a round brush for styling, choose one that is soft plastic and use it gently. Avoid severe tugging and brushing of your hair which can cause more damage than a hairdryer! Work slowly to dry the area fully so you don’t have to repeatedly brush the same area of hair. 


Stylist Tip: Try turning your hair upside down as you finish blow-drying if you have limp, thin or straight hair, to add extra body and volume.  


Treat Yourself to a Great Blowout 

Here, I promise to focus on the overall health of your hair while giving you a look you love. You will be pleased with the excellence you’ll come to appreciate at the Jill McCormack Hair Salon in Finksburg. I love my craft, and you can expect the highest level of knowledge and expertiseCall or conveniently book online today!